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Easy Tips on How to Manage Traveling with Kids

My friend at comal tubes was telling me that Traveling long distance is exciting, but with kids, it can be stressful especially in a car. The key is to be prepared and create ways to entertain them by stopping to give both the adults and children a short break. If planned correctly you can make it hassle-free and fun for both yourself and kids. Here are tips and a checklist for safe, more comfortable, and enjoyable long-distance car travel with kids.


Make sure you create a special pack or bag for each child, to have beside them throughout the journey. The bag can be used to house their special snacks, handheld games, books, a music player, small toys, crayons, or journal. Ensure to pack plenty of snacks and drinks. You’ll want to make sure the kids are nourished if you should break down or experience some other delay.

Emergency Preparation

Make sure to pack extra blankets, pillow, or extra clothing, especially in the cold weather months. Having the regular emergency supplies including a flashlight, chains, jumper cables, flare, spare tire, shovel, bottles of water, and first aid kit can come in handy.


Keeping the kids occupied is one of the most important aspects of car travel. While they should have plenty of individual activities, including games and music in their bag, these things won’t hold their attention the entire trip.

You should highly consider fun activities for the whole car to play, such as number games using license plates of cars you are passing, or buy some audio books and CD’s for the entire family and enjoy listening to them together.

Remember to prepare an extra pack with some more games, activities, and snacks for each child, and give this extra pack when they become bored especially when taking longer trips.


Everyone needs a break, especially during long trips. But when traveling with kids, it is essential to make frequent stops for them to go to the restroom and to give them some much needed physical activity. Stopped at a fast food restaurant, let them play in the free playground.

Or stopping at a rest stop, take the kids along the paths to look at the scenery. Not only will they be excited, but they will burn tons of energy.


The safety and comfort of every passenger are essential. If you have a companion, who can drive, switch the driver. Sunglasses, flip-flops, sun shades name them all, keep anything that makes you comfortable while driving and use them.

Finally, consider bringing along some wipes, they are excellent since they clean up sticky messes on the hands and face without the need for water. Also while traveling and particularly with kids, try to eat as much healthy on the go.

Take at least one healthy meal a day while still keeping nuts and dry fruits handy to munch. Avoid sugary and fatty foods that will give you discomfort. Go for healthy food that will energize you and your family during long drives and boost the immune system too.

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